Saturday, July 7, 2012

X Missions Dr.X and Dragon X - Updated!

With the X Missions movie look, Dr.X returns with the most agressive look ever with his pet Komodo Dragon X on a leash. Almost a statue with limited articulation, the sculpting is arguably better than any version ever released. 

X Missions Dr.X & Dragon X. 2005, Hasbro.

Figure: "Dr.X". X Missions.

Included accessories. Knife with scabbard and skull shoulder pad/ dragon mask.

What seems to be a Saber-toothed cat skull. Snaps onto 2 holes in Dr.X´s right shoulder. 

Knife pommel has a cool snake head...

Nicely carved runes on his bracelet.

Bad guy shinny boots!

Mean face! Love the X scar on his forehead.

"Snap", his pet Komodo Dragon. The tail moves from side to side and has a Zoid sort of look. If I think Dr.X gets his best sculpt with this figure, I´m pretty sure this is the best "X cyborg" pet I´ve seen yet.

The paint job is also noteworthy. And those claws? Awesome.

Unfortunately, the head does not move, so you either make it stand to the left or to the right. BUT, at least any of those make it stand out really well.

Pulling the leash makes "Snap" open its mouth. One red (left) cross and a black (right) one on its eyes completes the Komodo Dragon change to an X specimen.

Inside it´s mouth, Dragon X features a sticky tongue...

Powerful enough to grab some of Action Man´s accessories!

In time, tongue sticks to itself, so you better keep it out of dry environment! 

I must admit I´m not the greatest 12" fan. However, this is possibly one of those figures I had to review. Thanks to a friend who was kind enough to hand it for a couple of days, it happened!

Status: Unavailable


  1. Where in the world did you find this at?!Holy cr@#% i'm diggin' it!

  2. In Europe, actually. As it turns out, it´s an European Exclusive and pretty hard to find!

  3. Pretty freaking awesome i must say.

  4. You´re right, probably (arguably) the best DrX ever!


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