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Dino Valley Saur-O-Snatcher - Updated!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Simba packaging of Chap Mei´s "Saur-O-Snatcher".

Curiously, this vehicle "originally" came with different figure and accessories. Simba has to this point, some cool variations like this one. Good if you already own a different figure.

Also, the "original" dinosaur included with the "Snatcher" set was the Carnotaurus.

Set view.

Figure: "Skinny Bones McButt". For more details on this one, refer to "Jungle Adventure Jungle Trekker Playset".

Dinosaur: "Dragonosaurus".

Included accessories.

 Primitive-looking cage.

Vehicle: "Saur-O-Snatcher". The vehicle has the very same body as seen in "Soldier Force V Sentry Outpost Playset 2" but with working "dino-catching" pincers.

System at work. Love the camo, can be used in polar scenes too!

Detailed sculpting on those pincers right there! Sort of hangar vehicle, very cool!

Roll cage opens to fit operator figure.

While the Soldier Force version has front cannons installed, this one has a 3 bar protection against fiersome dinos!

Comes with a tow hook to transport rolling cages (or any other equipment).

Front bumper grille. Chap Mei, no doubt, pushing the envelope!

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


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