Friday, July 20, 2012

On to the source!

Good friends,

JoMiToys may become a little short of news for the next days, depends on how well Wi-Fi really does in Spain this time around. Another toy trip, hoping to find some pearls here and there!

Catch you guys on the flip side!  

- mike


  1. Good luck and have fun and i hope you find all sorts of wonderful toys on your trip.

  2. Thanks jboypacman. Sorry for the late reply, the hotel I was in didn´t have a secure connection, so now that I have one, I managed to find a Medieval Kingdom castle (not the BIG one, unfortunately, but still pretty cool!), and one Iron (EON) Kid figure. Good ol Toys are scarce in Spain, but they have the new Thundercats line, but that´s easy to find anywhere... so now it´s time to get the castle reviewed!


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