Sunday, September 11, 2011

Soldier Force VII - Tiger Fish

 For series 7, Chap Mei developed a new patrol boat, a PBR which floats (or so it says in the box). With good lines and a nice mounted bow gun station, it gets the job done!

CM is finally back on track, and their new vehicles prove it right. It is still uncertain if series 7 will receive new upgrades, since back in day there wasn´t a certain and defined number of sets.

Medium-sized vehicle (and box).

Included accessories for this set. Other than the figure´s accessories, just a weapons case and their new cool figure stand.

The Tiger Fish, a fast patrol boat to ensure SF enemies stay away from their base! Funny how CM is yet to uncover a "bad" faction. Unless we go waaaay back in time to the roots and consider the red/black/blue paintings on Soldier Force (series I) Snake Squad.

Featuring a bumper (or fender) either to ram other boats or avoid breaking the hull when reaching a peer (I´d say the first), it has the basic gadgets such as radar, a (white?) motor and sculpted lights. Decent.

The interior is poor, it could be a lot better. But, it has a lot of room (both for figures and improvement). A cool detail is the opening and snaping guard cage.

My favorite set of details are located on the bow of this PBR. The mounted gun, a peg for figures and the back rest which snaps to the figure´s backpack fitting hole. And it fits perfectly.

This set also comes with a nice new rubber boat. Nice and simple.

Figure: "Night Frogg". Sadly, with only 5 articulation points. Great sculpting, nevertheless.

Status: Unavailable

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  1. No doubt! It beats the previous creations. Well, at least the Jungle Adventure one!

  2. Luís Galileu "ToneGuns" TonelliNovember 15, 2011 at 9:06 PM

    Why they don't show up here in Brazil.

  3. Hey my friend Luís! Welcome back! As for your comment, these buggers don´t seem to be crossing the Atlantic...


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