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Soldier Force VI - Z1 Grizzly

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chap Mei is known for not only their modern vehicle visions but also past legends. Another fine example is their Z1 Grizzly, based on WWII german Alkett Wespe. A gem for all 1:18 collectors!

With a cool barricade to go with it and a tank commander, it´s an overall great outpost set!

MIB, one of the missing reviews from series 6. Sigh no more!

Included accessories.

A very close resemblance to the german self-propelled artillery weapon.

If you´re a WWII 1:18 customizing artist, you´ll be all over this one. If not, you´ll probably find a use for this armored weapons carrier too.

The "WASP" originally had a 5 man crew. And with that clean floor you may eventually get a close enough number of figures there! Some of the details are really awesome.

Removable 105mm howitzer.

Barricade. Originally used with series 5 Sentry Outpost sets. Here, without the roof.

Included figure: "Lt. Cooper (Tank Commander)".

Status: Unavailable

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