Monday, September 19, 2011

Soldier Force VII and modern G.I.Joe 4" figures

Most Chap Mei collectors started their campaign being Hasbro´s G.I.Joe collectors. Some (or most) still are and use CM´s wonderful vehicles, accessories, figures and playsets to upgrade their arsenal. With each theme and series Chap Mei gets out, the question comes: "How well will Joes fit there?".

Series 7 Sand Wasp. Not as small as most think, it actually fits 2 figures inside the cockpit. A Joe door gunner looks great.

Swamp Pirana. Fits a lot of equipment inside its guts and looks great for jungle and urban insertions. 

New tent. Featuring clip-on option for more series 7 barricades, it´s one of the great novelties for 2011 alongside the much awaited more articulated figures. 

Bombuster. A big EOD humvee with usable cargo hold and gunner position in a removable turret.

EOD figure. This could have been such a fantastic figure, but looks great in any diorama.

Tiger Fish. With a big seat for one figure, it could and should have been a 2 seater. Behind the pilot, a large enough area fits a handful of equipment. 

New rubber boat. If the row grips were smaller, it would be just perfect.

Destroyer EFSF 73. Big, menacing and ready to crush the enemies.

New ATV. A nice fit.

... And from series 6:

MX Cheetah. Like the EFSF 73, the only downside is the fact it only has 1 working hatch. 

Devil Hunter. 2009 original, repackaged with series 7. Not having a seat has some advantages, like being able to carry pretty much any 4" figure.

More to come to answer your requests! Keep them coming and thank you for following!

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  1. To be honest i never thought of using Joes with these and it looks to be not such a bad ideal.

    Now with these figures and sets did you get any of the Dino or Pirate ones? Those i would like to see.

  2. Most (if not all) Dino Valley sets are already in this blog, check out the "Dino Valley" tag. Also, there are some Pirates too under "Pirate Expeditions" and "Pirate2" tags. There were lots of Pirate Expeditions sets there, but not enought room in the car :) I´ll go back there in a couple of months for the new Police Force line, and maybe some of the new Medieval stuff. I´ll probably grab some Pirates along the way ;)


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