Thursday, September 15, 2011

Soldier Force VII - Devil Hunter

Returning with a series 7 package is the Devil Hunter. Chap Mei´s peculiar version of a Raptor F22. This hard to find jet from Soldier Force VI also comes with the previous assortment of figures and accessories.

Previously known as Sky Combat Playset from series 6, the aircraft´s actual name is Devil Hunter.

A little more appealing with the new SFVII box, this set could and probably should have been given a few extra perks such as new figures!

Starting with the bad news, the construction of the action features is a little disappointing. The landing gear and that big chin missile launcher are big no-nos.

The good news... the top views. Nice camo and overall cool-looking design. Most collectors got excited when they first saw the clever isometric view CM selected to illustrate SFVI boxes. And it looks cool this way. Very.

It comes with a handle to play around (there is no interactivity with cannons or SFX). The missile launcher actually fires spring-loaded missiles. The belly... well... remember Silver Falcon, Chap Mei´s AV-8 Harrier inspired aircraft? There you go.

The cockpit looks great... when closed. When you open it, it looks like the pilot ejected before you bought it. Other than that, a lot of room to place your figure. And it actually snaps in place very well.

SFX video.

If you´re a true collector you´ll want it, naturally. And it´s not the easiest vehicle to find. If you need a different F22 for whatever reason, it´s also nice. At least you can go crazy inside that spacious cockpit. And it makes a great model for some dogfight top views.

Status: Unavailable

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