Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dino Valley 3 Blue Fly and Dimetrodon Playset

Series 3 Dino Valley assortment, featuring the "Blue Fly" with fan´s favorite "Dimetrodon" and "Quikgun Wallace" figure.

Having earned international reputation for a lot of reasons, the "Dimetrodon" still is one of the most sought-after dinosaurs from Chap Mei. This is another chance for fans to get one.

The insert and mentioning again, the great "new" packaging method for this year (and hopefully all in the future) . With simple clockwise rotation of the plastic screws, voila... no more crazed twisted cables.

Included items. These new fossil bones are very cool. Lots of applications.

The "mini-apache cabrio" helicopter: "Blue Fly". For more details on this model, please refer to  "SF VI Peace Force Storm Vehicle Playset - Helicopter".

The figure: "Quikgun Wallace". Not referred to while reviewing "Sling Rover", the torso and legs accessories being the mold difference when related to the "original" "Dino Quest Action Figure Playset - Quikgun Wallace".

And finally the star of the set, the dinosaur: "Dimetrodon". Widely recognized as one of Chap Mei´s finest "dino achievements", earns its reputation to both its great molding (and why not say, paint schemes - especially this second one) and rarity. The mammal-like reptile´s name roughly means "two-measures of teeth". A great addition to any dino collection.

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


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