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X-Men Origins - Deadpool and Maverick - Comic Series - Figures

Sunday, April 10, 2011

 2 of the coolest figures from the 3 3/4" X-Men Origins: Wolverine series!

 We won´t be dwelling into the comic backgrounds for these figures, but rather focusing on their capabilities as 1:18 scale action figures.

 Notoriously well sculpted... for toys. Functional scabbards and holsters, fantastically scaled pistols and great rifles.

Figure: "Deadpool". A fan´s favorite.

 Downside, the non-removable scabbards. They can actually be removed, but you´ll have to cut them along with the utility belt.

 Figure: "Maverick". Unlike Deadpool, this figure doesn´t feature wrist articulation, so it sort of limits its weapon-holding efficiency. 

 BUT, the chest piece comes off, so these figures are tied in high potential.

Action shot. A must-have for 3 3/4" and toy figures collectors in general!

Status:Available through Amazon.com

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