Friday, April 22, 2011

Actions Men Figures - Update!

Back in the early and mid-90s, when G.I.Joe figures popularity was at its highest, retailers had loads of similar (and not so similar) figures. Actions Men was a poor attempt to develop quality action figures. However, the weapons were made of a similar material to those of G.I.Joe and considerably attractive.

Produced by Miniland S.A., a spanish company from Alicante. Each figure cost around 2€ back then.

Picture of all four different figure molds and the weapons referred to. The figures were made of some sort of PVC or rubber a little bit thinner yet not soft. The spirit of the molding resembles the U.K. ´s Action Force. This MAY have probably been a cross between the 2 most popular brands at that time in Europe.

Figure: "Sailor"

Figure: "Marine"

Figure: "Soldier". Also available in "lettuce" green.

Figure: "Pilot"

Close-up shots.

The weapons. A "1987 G.I.Joe Falcon" shotgun copy. And a crazy variation of "1986 G.I.Joe Roadblock" machine gun.

Scale shot with ARAH G.I.Joe figure.

Status: Unavailable


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  1. LOok like crude bootlegs of a series released in early 1980's in USA as Military One. The series had army, navy, air force, and marine pesonnel, including women in dress uniform (they were not pretty!). There were also a police and fire fighter figures, too, I think. They included little to no accessories. The figures that did have guns were a small M-60 machine gun similar to the Galoob A-Team "rifle" (I think these originated somewhere else.)


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