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Actions Men Figures - Update!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Back in the early and mid-90s, when G.I.Joe figures popularity was at its highest, retailers had loads of similar (and not so similar) figures. Actions Men was a poor attempt to develop quality action figures. However, the weapons were made of a similar material to those of G.I.Joe and considerably attractive.

Produced by Miniland S.A., a spanish company from Alicante. Each figure cost around 2€ back then.

Picture of all four different figure molds and the weapons referred to. The figures were made of some sort of PVC or rubber a little bit thinner yet not soft. The spirit of the molding resembles the U.K. ´s Action Force. This MAY have probably been a cross between the 2 most popular brands at that time in Europe.

Figure: "Sailor"

Figure: "Marine"

Figure: "Soldier". Also available in "lettuce" green.

Figure: "Pilot"

Close-up shots.

The weapons. A "1987 G.I.Joe Falcon" shotgun copy. And a crazy variation of "1986 G.I.Joe Roadblock" machine gun.

Scale shot with ARAH G.I.Joe figure.

Status: Unavailable


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