Monday, April 4, 2011

The Corps! Special Forces

In 2005 Lanard launched "Special Forces" into the market, and another mix of repaints and new sculpts cool enough to grasp!

4 new teams, ORCAS, BUCKS, WASPS and ROOS were created.

Each team with a specific mission, included one previously released figure and 2 new characters.

All these were new then. And great looking figures too!

Figure: ROOS team special forces soldier.

Weapon: UMP45

Figure: ORCAS team special forces diver.

Weapon: M16

Figure: WASPS team special forces pilot.

Weapon: Z-M LR300

You have to love this pilot´s helmet with removable mask. Figure was later recolored to create Vulture and integrate Marauders team. Sadly with no mask.

Figure: BUCKS team special forces specialist.

Weapon: SOPMOD M4

For what it appears, this figure seems to be intended to have a movable visor.

Applications. These weapons are so incredibly cool. They were created for The Corps! Commando Force in 2003 and still today, probably some of the best around for 3 3/4" and 4" figures.

Status: Unavailable

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