Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Episode I Sith Speeder w/ exclusive Darth Maul

The Phantom Menace produced a series of very cool figures and vehicles. Some more peculiar than others, but all original in concept (as expected) from Star Wars "magicians".

European edition of the Sith Speeder. A funny looking vehicle considering the character is was designed for. Looking like a scooter, it has however, the high maneuverability look.   

Included parts. Sith Speeder (with a hidden probe) and exclusive Darth Maul.

Launcher hatch opens to reveal probe compartment.

Button fires Sith Probe Droid.

Figure: Darth Maul. Knees bend, forearms rotate (not hands).

Figure accessories: Lightsabre and real cloth cape.

The more articulated features (remember this is 1999) allow the figure to be posed interestingly.

Saber fits front of vehicle to mow down enemies. Pretty cool!

Status: Available. Trade value: 20€

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