Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Indiana Jones Young Indy

From the "Last Crusade" wave, one of the top figures from this line. Brilliant head sculpt and very nice details all-around.

Where it all began: the whip, the ophidiophobia... and the first catch, the Cross of Coronado!

MOC 2008, Hasbro.

Figure: Young Indy. While not stunning, it is indeed one of the best figures from any of the waves. If it could be better, it´s a lot closer to the perfect side than anywhere near a bad figure. An absolute must!

The Ace behind the high points: River Phoenix shinny replica head sculpt.

Included accessories.

Included Hidden Relic! The Cross of Coronado.

The Ticket to Adventure. With every single-carded figure (and hidden relic crate) came a sticker. Collecting 6 could grant you a fantastic Crystal Skeleton Figure with Throne.

"This should be in a museum!"

Status: Available for trade



  1. I did not know they even made one of this...very cool.

  2. Yup! And in the top 10 Indy figures too!


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