Thursday, March 1, 2012

Masters of the Universe Man-At-Arms

Teela´s foster father, Duncan, and better known as Man-At-Arms. A fierce soldier, commander and one of the most important characters in MOTU... universe. For one, because he´s one of the few who knows He-man ´s true (secret) identity!

For its 200X design, Man-At-Arms kept Filmation´s moustache, added to make the character look older and more experienced (wiser). Kept the club, lost the removable shin guard and gained a brutal hand cannon!

MOC 2002, Mattel.

As most of the "He-Man" line figures, comes with a removable chest armor.

A very detailed part of the figure by itself. The small hexagonal hole provides a cool backpack feature...

Included accessories.

And there we have it. The cannon attached to Man-At-Arms armor!

Push button for hand smash!

Push trigger to fire missile!

Figure: "Man-At-Arms". A brilliant remake from  Four Horsemen Studios bringing all us fans a (then) new and fresh look at this inventor and Prince Adam´s mentor.

And by the way, the should pad is not removable! However, and fully equipped, his left side is very well protected giving this "General" the chance to keep the Masters a strong and even side in every battle.

Status: Available for trade



  1. jboypac sent me a couple figures from this line and i've already been scoping this one out on ebay along with the Stratos and Skeletor figure.Really a great line of figures that can be had for a decent price if you do your shopping.

  2. Some of them! There are a couple of figures very hard to find and rarely at a "decent" price. However, like I always say, collecting is not for those who want to, but for those who can :)


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