Friday, February 10, 2012

Iron (Eon) Kid - Gran (Captain Magnum)

Another great character from the greatly underrated series, Iron, or Eon Kid.  Central Federation Army soldiers group leader, Captain Magnum or as the European Iron Kid back card states, Gran.

Known as "The Legend", at least by himself, Captain Magnum is a fierce and powerful combat CDF robot.

Figure: Gran (Captain Magnum). 7.6" tall, features light effects powered by 2 button cells.

Light effects can be activated in two ways.

Pull: By pulling away Gran´s arms, reveals the feared multiple missile launchers and ignites the lights.  

Press: Pressing down its head produces the same above effect. However, if the missile battery is closed, you won´t be able to see any light.

Captain Magnum is a formidable and sturdy fighter with enormous physical strenght.

Besides both brute force and multiple missiles, the most feared weapon (or superweapon) is the pair of "Storm Gigacannons" installed in his forearms.  

Similar to that worn by the CDF ground troops, his blue armor is apparently at a higher level.

Magnum trusts its massive firepower to attack from a distance.

Able to withstand most attacks of his adversaries and beating stronger opponents. In fact, was able to stand up to Gigantor relatively evenly.

Status: Available for trade



  1. I remember seeing the cartoon once or twice but never knew there was toys of it so very cool.

  2. Dude you have the coolest toys on this site lol.More robot based toys should have light up features.Great stuff!

  3. Thanks guys! So that means you want more?

  4. Does these toy they have not reach U.S. market?

  5. Some of them didn´t like black beauty and violet.

  6. Hi my son wants this toy- would you sell this?


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