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Colonel Trautman

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The second most recognizable character from the Rambo universe is Colonel Trautman. Rambo´s father figure and best friend, arrives as an action figure with a combat-ready look.

Series 1, 1986 by Coleco.

6 1/2"figure, with acceptable articulation, especially for its time... and size.

Figure: Colonel (Sam) Trautman.

Included accessories. Not pictured and coming soon (currently MIA): combat knife and belt, .45 pistol, M16 rifle and radio.

The backpack was a cool gadget. The ammo belt could be rotated by moving the black wheel button. It also produced a sound supposedly similar to machine gun fire.

Great face detail and badge paintings. Obviously prone to chip away, these are all shinny and new. Sam Trautman, Baker Team leader, Airborne Ranger.

Status: Available for trade


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