Monday, February 27, 2012

Indiana Jones with Temple Pitfall

A diorama scene to complete Indiana Jones with Temple Trap features the famous first whip-jump!

A considerably highly detailed diorama is included in this deluxe set. Snakes and stakes!

MOC 2008, Hasbro.

Included accessories. An open whip with a knot to fit any peg (or enemy weapon), pistol and a lot of snakes (he hates snakes).

Included figure: Indiana Jones, Temple Pitfall.

Similar to Temple Trap Indy, can be immediately recognized because of its gradient pants (with sand/mud markings) and molded satchel strap.

Different from all the other Indy figures, this one´s satchel comes molded to the jacket. If it wasn´t for the fact that we can choose from so many Indianas, this would be a negative aspect.

What´s really bothering about this figure? Its hands, and most notably the right one. The only way one can fit the revolver can be seen above.

The great thing about the set, the included diorama. Sturdy and detailed, it´s pretty much what any Indiana Jones fan could ask. Depicts the scene and fits any corner of your collection.

Even the back is molded and painted in style.

Snaps together with Temple Trap!

Fit the whip´s knot into the tree´s peg and try to rotate Indy to the other side of the Pitfall.

Note the button on top of the tree. If you push it, the peg recoils and Indy falls!

Can Indy safely cross the pit?

... or will he fall to his doom?

Going out the Peruvian Temple!

Status: Available for trade


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