Monday, February 20, 2012

Indiana Jones with Ark

Another fantastic pack from the Raiders of the Lost Ark wave, featuring a cloth disguised Indy and a peachy-crafted Ark of the Covenant...

Disguised as local diggers, Indy and his loyal friend, Sallah, gain access to the excavation site of Belloq and the Germans. With Sallah´s help, Indy lowers himself by rope into the restricted map room. Inside, he uses the Staff of Ra to discover the true location of the Well of Souls, a buried chamber that hides the Ark of the Covenant.

MOC, 2008 Hasbro.

Included accessories: Pouch, whip and revolver. The mandatory set.

Figure: Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark as dig worker. Neat combination, since whenever cloth is used for 4" figures, usually looks awful. In this case, shinny.

Features a hook-and-loop fastener making it very easy to remove and put back again. Brilliant.

Once out of the disguise, the only thing left to remove are the rags. However, since they´re sculpted, no luck there.

However great the cloth piece may be, this set´s star is without a shadow of a doubt, the Ark of the Covenant.

Perfectly crafted, brilliantly sculpted, with tiny and accurate details on it. One of the best pieces I´ve ever seen.

Opens (no sand there), has all the movie-like details and really looks golden. A true master and display piece. 

Status: Available for trade



  1. Every time i see toys from this line i regret not buying more.

  2. So I´ll continue to punish you, my friend! By showing a lot more... ;)


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