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Happy Children´s Day and 1000 posts Milestone!

Friday, June 1, 2012

It couldn´t be more perfect, 1000 posts on 1 June. Presenting some of the toys many consider to be "real" toys. Bump N Go memories of fun, lights and sound of the old days (loud and clear). Just a small preview of some of future reviews of our childhood´s real classics!

Toby, the walking and talking robot from 1986, with smoke system!

Half "Rambo" riding his Hero Tank (Wild-6).

"K.I.T.T." 1/16 scale Nite Racer.

Tumble Tractor with treads of amazing resemblance to G.I.Joe´s Cobra H.I.S.S. Strong and and working too!

Remember the sonic controlled R/C cars? Here´s a CW-311 Mercedes-Benz!

Toy State´s Dual Stick R/C Corvette, wire, not radio! Early 80´s style.

And how about a buttons-only 4 functions (4-way) R/C, with hinged headlamps? BMW Turbo.

A gigantic 1/10 Lincoln Police Car. With working microphone!

And talking about gigantic, a real beast! A Ford Taurus ambulance. Heavy... really (thick steel) heavy. Paya´s 0.5mm steel construction. Amazing siren sounds!

Late 70s Police Car. Back when they´d draw boxes, no photos. Dome lights and alarm sounds.

Emergency Team ambulance, tin made.

And how many of you remember these Flip-Over Buggy toys? These things could almost climb walls!!!

Enough about cars, the police bikes! Highway Patrol Motorcycle with detachable driver.

In the same style, the BMW Police Motorcycle, 1/8 scale.

And a really big one, 1/6 Police Jumbo Cycle.

All of these will have their spotlight here, and if any of you have a particular interest in that future review of any particular toy becoming closer in time, just let me know and I´ll make sure it´s sooner than later. All of these had their time and had a part in the past childhood of so many of us. I´ll be glad to show it again. And of course, many action figures to come too. And other vintage and modern classics!

Enjoy your children´s day. All of you! 

Your friend,

- Mike

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