Monday, May 28, 2012

Adventure Man Action Figures 6-Pack #2

Back in 1997 there was a re-issue of a series of figures which were around at least for 10 years by then. They were called Adventure Man, although this "team" name was one in many.
Fun Maker, 1997

A slightly different form of these figures were available in France in the late 80´s. One of the figures (not shown here) even had a head sculpt looking like "Billy" from "Predator". This line of action figures came long before "The Corps". However, the articulation was even more limited than this shown here, waists didn´t move (just like these), and the arms didn´t swivel (these do). These 1997 figures were sort of an evolution. Back in the day when G.I.Joe was being hammered by Kenner.

Figure#7 (continued from Adventure Man Action Figures 6-pack #1 review).


Figure#9. For more pictures and G.I.Joe weapons test, refer to Adventure Man Action Figure.


Figure#11. Same body mold as figures #7 and #9.

Figure#12. Same body mold as figure #8.

Some of the weapons were made from G.I.Joe molds. And this 6-pack shared the same exact weapons of Adventure Man Action Figures 6-Pack #1.

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  1. Oh how i love these! I must find some one day.

  2. Indeed you must! They´re sweet.

  3. I like these a lot.If I can find that set it would go perfect with my Bronze Bombers gift set.I always have a soft spot for the knock offs because my parents always went for the lower priced toys over the name brands.

  4. These look great!

  5. @Brothermidnight: I know what you mean. And I can add the following: Back in ´97 just before gijoe was back (in a way) I was after pretty much anything 1:18 and these were some of the best. Bronze Bombers are plain great!
    @actionfig: They do, and they are. Plus, they fit just fine on or inside any joe vehicle. And some of the looks are just awesome and fit the joe world like a glove!

  6. I keep some of these figs. They gave us, my brother an I, 2 of 10packs! 20 figs at the end off chrismass, here in Spain we have presents in 2 diffent days. The looking were similar and same random body parts and weapons, but the box featured one row of soldier like ones and another row with a more guerilla or terrorist ones, differencing friends and foes. I remember a big gift pack with a 4x4 and some years later a 1-pack boxes with electronic voice backpacks in perfect spanish from spain samples.

  7. Yes, christmas and kings day... how I love Spain :)


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