Sunday, June 24, 2012

More toys on the way!

Dear friends and followers,

You may have noticed a weeklong hiatus in the activities around here. In fact, it was one busy week! Collecting, rearranging and organizing thousands (literally) of toys to come. As it is, there is enough to post for the next 3 years on a daily basis. Purchased and traded around 100 new (read vintage) toys and all of them had to be put in their place. The "shop" now holds around 500 boxes of all you can imagine. And I´m eager to show them all to you guys!

It´s not easy to please everyone (nearly impossible actually), and most of you are into 3 3/4" figures and at best, vintage classics from all those cherished lines that built our dreams through the years. I try to post a lot of different things, but in the end, feedback from you would help in ways you may not even imagine. Of course I love what I do and I hope you guys enjoy great part of it.

From gifts to expensive action figures and vehicles and their command posts, I´ve been posting a bit of everything. But let me know what you like the most, what sort of pictures you like, if you want more videos or closer shots. Or is it ok as it is. There is always room for progress and every opinion counts, so fire away!

your friend,

- mike


  1. I love it all so keep the posts and pictures coming. : )

  2. Thanks jboypacman! Will sure do!


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