Monday, June 4, 2012

Hero Tank (Wild-6) Bump´N Go (with Video)

Yet another great bootleg toy from the 80s, which has been a target of Rambo collectors, the Hero Tank or Wild-6

Using a torso of a bootleg Rambo 12" figure, this futuristic AFV comes equipped with cannons and missiles, lights and sound. And of course, bump´n go (mystery) action.

MIB, 1980s, Chain Fong (Taiwan).

Included parts.

Curiously, the support for the "Rambo" figure comes filled with glue. I imagine that only after setting the toys they came to the conclusion they wouldn´t fit inside the box...

Another oddity, the cockpit has a couple of (molded) astronaut figures, so I believe they probably hacked this toy from any space collection from that era. The windshield is glued, so unless I´d risk breaking it, this is the best I can do to show this detail.

Hero Tank. Very cool lines, nice and balanced with removable turret and missiles.

Powered by 2 D(LR20) cells. Becomes heavy!

Once you pull the lever and power on the vehicle, only 1 axle stays on the ground while free wheel connects to make it spin and stop.

Side guns with lights have 3 positions. Front and back positions lock and the middle position is loose (with a spring) to simulate machine gun recoil. However, it´s not connected to the toy´s mechanism, so you´ll have to do it by hand.

And for all you G.I.Joe fans, the scale shot with a ARAH figure.

Check out the Wild 6 in action!

Status: Available for trade



  1. That is one of the stranger things I have seen today.Its not so bad once the half rambo is taken off.It kind of reminds me of a toy from the late 70's that was black and red.

  2. It rings a bell, indeed. Maybe someone will know for sure!

  3. Hey thanks for putting this one up and it really looks like it would be wild fun to play around with.

  4. My pleasure, jboypacman! It´s a crazy contraption, but looking sharp, nonetheless!


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