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Quick Shot Lazer Pistol Mod.2041

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Now for something different, a reminder (if any was needed) of how great the 80s were. IR Guns and Targets to run around and battle with friends!

One of the most spectacular-looking gun of the sort, made by Quick Shot, a company better known for their cool joysticks for Spectrum and other platforms.

With scope, silencer and magazine!

Check out a demo video before we go into detail!

Main body, infrared toy gun. Trigger activates sound and IR signal.

Barrel mouth, lens view.

Magazine. Insert 4 AA batteries like you´d load rounds. Nice!


Crosshair look from both front and user´s perspective.

Silencer, 3 positions from shorter to longer barrel.

Beautiful thing. Back when the hype was "V" (83/84), Star Wars was big, and G.I.Joe was conquering the civilized world along with Transformers among so many other cool stuff like He-Man...

The target. Could be placed at far distances and still be hit.

With a clip and 2 belt loops. 4 AA batteries are needed to perform.

Status: Available for trade

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