Monday, April 16, 2012

Beavis & Butt-head: Butt-head

 Time for the brains (?!?) of all the operations, Butt-head!

The character to which Mike Judge relates to (if he HAD to pick one) is Butt-head. Care to comment? Most people know how really hard is to create a 3D model from a 2D basis. And this is how it should always be done. Perfectly.

MOC, Moore Action Collectibles, 1998.

Figure: "Butt-head". Uh huh hu... so... are we like... gonna do it?

Included accessories. The so loved remote!

Voice chip technology stand also includes a peg for the figure.

Once connected, it actually allows quite a few good angles even for Butt-head´s big and heavy (and hollow) head.

The chip contains 3 cool phrases. Originally, one of the 3 was supposed to be "This rules!", but I guess it must have been a hard (he said hard...uh huh hu) task to come down to these 3. Good job!

Toyfare#15 cover depicted the prototypes for the B&B figures.

Status: Unavailable



  1. I never knew they made figures of these guys.

  2. Oh yeah... huh uh huh hu. And they look like the real fart knockers!

  3. i love it, but i prefer cornholio. it's the funniest to me? do u have t.p. for my bunghole?

  4. You and me both! The Mighty Cornholio rules. TP? I have lots! huh uh uh huh


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