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Adventure Man Action Figures 6-Pack #1

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A deeper look into these curious sets of figures brings us today to one of their 6 pack issues.

Colorful and sturdy 3 3/4" figures with a variety of weapons.

These figures were available worldwide, packed in the same boxes or blisters but distributed by different companies such as Fun Maker (pictured) and Globo (in Europe) and Magic in North America.

Included accessories. There was a wide range of weapons and many of them were G.I.Joe ARAH knockoffs such as the ones originally from Royal Guard, Major Bludd, Torch.

Figure #1.

Figure #2 (same body mold as #1).

Figure #3.

Figure #4.

Figure #5.

Figure #6.

As far as my research went and as far as present information goes, no names were given to these figures as individuals. However, if any of you guys know their names, please drop me a line!

Status: Unavailable

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