Sunday, October 9, 2011

True Heroes Troop Transport

A military variant of Chap Mei´s Jungle Adventure Jungle Trekker, this set comes with 6 soldiers, of which 3 are from Soldier Force VI

The cargo truck now comes with a desert camo and a handful of accessories. A curious mix of recent to vintage parts.

MIB, 2011.

Included accessories. Not pictured, the weapons for the included figures.

Left to right: Sgt. Husky, Sniper, Private Coldsteel, Sergeant Sharpblade, Sergeant Jackal, Colonel Green Hornet.

Based on the Corbitt Model 50SD6 cargo truck, (missing a pair of wheels) just like its Jungle Adventure counterpart, it is somewhat a bit too large for most modern 1:18 "life-like" figures. For 1:18 toys, it does just fine.

Removing the camouflaged "soft hard top" turns this vehicle into a flatbed. The rest can be used as a tent, barracks or command post.

The whole playset is worth it. You get 6 figures (3 from SF series 7), a military truck to move them around and can even use the soft (hard) top as a command base. The vehicle runs smoothly and over most common obstacles, plus it has a cool camo. 

Status: Unavailable


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