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Masters of the Universe Buzz-Off

Friday, October 14, 2011

One of the most inspired works by Four Horsemen Toy Studio is Mattel´s Masters of the Universe modern series Buzz-Off. Spectacular detail of a curious figure that finally comes to life after two decades as a maggot (by comparison).

I must admit I loved the vintage Buzz-Off figure. Better put, I loved the concept. But after the 200X version came out, I stand in awe.  

MOC, 2003.

Included accessories.

The detail and insect look is a beauty. "Buzzy" here almost looks a Sectaur now without his mask on. Ball joints allow its wings to move.

The shape of Buzz-Off´s legs and all-around sculpt work gives him a top spot as one of the best remakes for this line. And then again, most of them are true works of art.

Spring-loaded staff shoots the flame missile!

The head sculpting is big league.

Don´t mess with the Buzz man!

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