Saturday, October 1, 2011

True Heroes Stealth Glider A7-18

The A7-18 is a 2011 TRU release. A styrofoam glider to throw and with a little luck, see it fly away.

A very interesting (and big) contraption in comparison to all other 1:18 True Heroes vehicles.

Where available, in Europe goes for €9.90. In the US, reportedly US$9.99. Well worth it.

The glider is composed of 4 parts. Main fuselage, wings(2, naturally) and tail (technically, horizontal stabilizer).

Chap Mei stands not included

With a total weight of 148g (5 1/4oz) it flies pretty well (video in post production!)

The "set" comes with a figure, the regular TRU general pvc figure.

Fits smoothly and since it´s a light-weight, it doesn´t bother the glider´s flight all that much.

The cockpit is nicely sculpted, and since the whole thing is fabricated in styrofoam, allows some changes for those who may eventually feel the need to customize it.

Stickers applied. Nice "Sabre" colors.

Status: Unavailable

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