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Masters of the Universe War Whale

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

 A He-Man vehicle from the 200X series, features thrashing tail, crushing jaw, missile launchers and an exquisite look: the War Whale!

With a nice balance between modern look and vintage colors, this vehicles comes together just nicely.

MIB, 2003.

Smooth and elegant, He-Man´s ride comes in a mix of vintage and modern success formula. The colors, as stated above, keep the vintage feel and the bionic look and fine details finish the job. Nicely done.

Included, 6 missiles for the spring-loaded weapons.

Weapons array: 4 spring-loaded cannons, crushing jaw and thrashing tail. Pushing the vehicle forward activates both jaw and tail movement. There´s a trigger under the vehicle to achieve the same results since Skeletor´s forces move around fast, "water" and "air" are common battlegrounds!

And since it´s a He-Man ride, let He-Man pose! Choper-style! 

Status: Available for trade


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