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Star Warrior Blue Warrior

Monday, October 4, 2010

 1996 and one of Chap Mei´s first lines, Star Warrior, was out.

 Officially Sized 5", these figures measured more like 4 1/2", just like Kenner´s Batman figures, for example.

The line had both electonic and non-electronic figures. Some of the warriors had light-up glowing weapons, some didn´t. This guy here had snap-on movable chrome wings which remind me of Captain Power´s Sauron BioDredd character. 

Interesting enough, it features moveable legs and arms... and that´s it. During 2002, Chap Mei created Stellar Force and later series brought again some of these Star Warrior concepts such as the light sword.

Scale shot with a ROC G.I.Joe figure

Status: Available for trade

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