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Action Man Atom figure - Jet-Mech Axel

Saturday, October 23, 2010

In 2006, Hasbro produced a new scale figure line for the Action Man franchise, ATOM

 These figures had a paired animated Manga series with moderate success, Alpha Teens On Machines... ATOM. The actual figures do have a Japanese look to them.

Very interesting figure, totally articulated (around 20 points). The line could have used a more lasting life. And a more "mature" number of operatives.

 Scale shot with Chap Mei weapons. Standing little over the 5" mark, these guys look great with the "useless" CM weaponry.

Tailor-made! The included weapons and accessories are very toyish, since the concept revolves around the "human machine". Something like the 80s Centurions.

Status: Unavailable

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