Monday, October 18, 2010

Trading items, conditions and references

 Dear followers and friends:

As time goes by, we get more and more emails concerning trades and available items for sale. Well, while we are still rounding up some more ideas to build up a FAQ, here are some guidelines:  

Available for trade items

Generally, you´ll see items as "unavailable" since they are part of our private collection. These are the pieces you´ll see in more detail as time goes by and new and better pictures are taken. However, there are lots of items to bargain for.

Items marked "available" can be traded for or even sold if you offer the right number. You can also access those items via label "4 trade" to your left under "categories". Constant additions, so keep checking to find that long lost item you need so bad.

Although eBay is turning somewhat different of what it was and should be towards sellers, (and if you use Paypal, that goes for buyers too) we´ll have some items there from time to time and we´ll show which in an appropriate label then.

Items we need

Since G.I.Joe is the backbone of our collection, we are looking for a few parts and accessories. If you need what we got and you got what we need, send us an e-mail and let us know about you.

If you´re interested, please email us for our trade lists in excel format.

References :

Its always important to know who you trade with, and if you want something we offer, you´ll have to send your payment first, wether it is an item or any other form of payment, so eBay activity as a seller may serve as a reference to those who legitimally need it to ease their fears. Our staff member "rod-munch" has been on eBay since April,1999 and 100% positive feedback for over 10 years makes him the perfect reference. If you don´t already know the eBay username "rod-munch"... Take a look

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  1. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuSeptember 18, 2009 at 3:14 AM


    I've some 1/18 figures that aren't G.I. Joe, but they were released here in Brazil to compete with the Joes. Give me an email and soon as I've pictures I send it to you and you can judge if you have any interest on them.

    They don't have the same articulation, but for sure they can go fine with a 1/18 collection. For reference they were made by a toy factory called Gulliver. The name of the line was "SOS Commandos".


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