Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dino Valley 2012 Dino Transport

The last 3 months of the year have been the usual time chosen by Chap Mei to release their products in Europe. Last year, Soldier Force VII, this year, Dino Valley. While still waiting for the official Mega Dino Research Station (already on sale for the Animal Planet TRU line), this transport is the next best thing...

Seems fairly obvious that this truck will be recolored for the next Soldier Force line (series 8, hopefully this year), it looks very good, but the new figures (while greatly imagined as always) fail to continue the SFVII evolution in terms of articulation.

MIB, Chap Mei 2012

Included accessories. Other than the truck´s spring-loaded cannon dino-snatcher, same old accessories from previous lines.

Dinosaur: T-Rex. The same colors used in DV3.

Figure: Unnamed figure 1. While the sculpint is pretty cool (love the torso detail with dino-skin texture), the articulation is a backpedal from the last release, SFVII where arms and legs where articulated and figures had rotating wrists.  

Dinosaur Transporter. A very nice vehicle, a medium transport for medium-sized dinosaurs. Includes a dino-snatcher launcher and folding cage to contain dinosaurs and lowering ramp.

Both sides open and when closed, are locked by the ramp...

So that the "Rex" keeps its cool. 17.5cmX9cmX9cm usable cargo area (6.9inX3.5inX3.5in)

Chap Mei finally decided to return to the stickers instead of painting the logobrands for the series. After so much flak from the fans, this was an expected move. Some stickers are originally from the very first adventure series,  like Wild Quest.

360ยบ rotating grappling cannon.

Match and Shoot!

Front grill opens to place the figure(s).

Spacious, doesn´t include any instruments... not even a driving wheel nor any steering handle! Oops... maybe it´s voice-activated and controlled... or not.

Status: Available

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