Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dino Valley 2012 Therizinosaurus

Today we´ll have a look into this giant lizzard set from Chap Mei, the Therizinosaurus. A 2006 Dino Valley original recast, comes with one of CM´s new DV figures... and little more. No harm done, since these sets are generally sought after because of the dinos. So...

We´ll also get to see a comparison with a bootleg "therizinosaurus", with a curious variation. So without further ado...

MIB, Chap Mei 2012

Included accessories. The snap off arsenal, "Small" version.

Figure: Unnamed figure 1. Again, these DV´12 figures came in different colors, same body sculpt, different heads.

Dinosaur: Therizinosaurus. Medium-sized, and other than the holes in its lower limbs to fit the plastic screws which replaced those awful cables... pretty much the same we saw in 2006 from DV2.

Action button to mimic the forelimb claws movement which was in fact to scratch the grounds for food for this herbivorous animal...

These boxes came with an interesting background that for those who like papercraft may be a point of great interest.

Now an interesting point regarding bootlegs (foreground). This knock-off version comes with complete claws, instead of the typical Chap mei broken one from the right limb (background).

I already had posted a while ago a set with this specimen, and it actually comes very close to the original. Peculiar.

Status: Unavailable



  1. Yes it is. I heard they were planning on a bigger one, in the molds of the Stone Age line, but it didn´t happen...

  2. Wowie. They really need to come to Mexico. King of the knockoff countries!

  3. Really? You should visit China! LOL

  4. I love the new humans. Chap Mei has really upped its game lately, compared to the Dino Valley III repaints that were really low quality.

    Have you seen the new ' True Legends' sets that Toys R Us are stocking right now? It's a brand new Chap Mei fantasy line emulating the Hobbit. New Elves, Orcs, and the two headed wolf and griffin are back. Can't wait to see what the entire line will look like, as TRU seems to be the first to receive select pieces for their own flag brand lately, with the actual catalog pics for the entire line surfacing later. Check them out if you can.

  5. Hey! Welcome back Ghouldrool ! The other side of CM knowledge. I´m on it actually. I was expecting the original CM line but I´m not very sure if it will get here on time before getting the TRU versions. So I may indeed have to travel again to France to check for the new 2013 stuff. Will see if I can get them up soon!

  6. Have you seen some of the original CM line already? I can't find anything about them yet.

  7. I heard about it as I did of Police Force. However, the new Police Force with just a couple new figure is nothing more than reissues of previous vehicles. So, I´m guessing they´re putting out some repaints of who knows what and with a lttle luck monsters and giants like cyclops! But they were all supposed to be released by the end of 2012. Like DV2012

  8. i hope they are doing a Dino valley series 5.
    i cant find dino valley toys anymore anywhere...

  9. Probably. Since CM sold their designs to TRU things are repainted and abused. The original are starting to go for top dollar. I told you guys long ago!!!

  10. i dont get it. so dino valley wouldnt make any new sets?
    like dino valley 5 or something...

  11. DV5 is coming... ;) But "problem" was/is CM deal with TRU. They´re not that alone now...


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