Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Remco Warrior Beasts - Wolf Warrior

Another fantastic line from the 80s, Remco´s Warrior Beasts had some curious characters. However, Wolf Warrior is probably the most sought-after figure of the entire line... well, of the original 9.

Following The Lost World of the Warlord line, these Warrior Beasts came as the villains, or so it´s said.

Included accessories: Pelt vest and sword. While the sword came with other Remco figures, the Pelt is absolutely unique of this Wolf Warrior. And a reason to make it even more valuable. It´s already hard to find the figure but with the vest...

Figure: Wolf Warrior. 1982 Remco N.Y., DC Comics Inc 1984

Considered a high quality knock off, this line comes under the shadow of... you said, Masters Of The Universe. However, set apart on a high note.

Great head sculpt on a body that was used to create a couple other characters.

But... I can´t stop looking at how cool it looks with that wolf pelt.

Just Amazing!

Status: Unavailable


  1. Am going to say right now that I am super jealous that you have one of these. I own only a few of the Warrior Beasts and am always on the look out for them or anything else that is 80s Remco.

  2. I can´t say how happy I was to get a near mint one to get shots of. The damn thing it has on its neck is almost as hard to find as... well, pretty hard. Which ones do you have?

  3. There names escape me at the moment but they are brightly colored "Dino-Men" I found them at a indoor flea market along with a "Pirate of the Galaxseas" figure that is a Cyclops with a peg leg and striped shirt. I also have a Remco Warlord figure who has the same sword as the Wolf Warrior.

  4. You seem to be talking about either Gecko, Guana, Zardus, pe, some of the "dinos" from WB, but as far as the one with a sword like Wolf Warrior but from LWW, may be Warlord itself!!!

  5. I have just found one of these without the pelt vest and sword of course and I want to sell but I have no idea what it's worth. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.


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