Sunday, May 6, 2012

True Heroes Mobile Helicopter Base

A great 2012 release of Soldier Force colors, including a fantastic helipad and even a plastic diorama play carpet!

Using some of the most recent Chap Mei creations, Toys R Us "carved" a great military set for their True Heroes line.

MIB, 2012. Toys R Us release of Chap Mei´s Soldier Force.

Included items for this set.

Included accessories.

Included figures: Saw Gunner, AB Mate, Col. Hawk (Stewart repaint).

Mobile helicopter Base comes with watch tower (with cool cargo net). Check out Animal Rescue Veterinary Hospital for more details on the tower!

As for the helipad itself, a great thing for 3 3/4" figures! The right balance, the right colors, the right height. Perfect thing!

And it comes with a good set of sound effects too (with flashing lights).

The jeep is yet another good taste repaint, with desert camo.

One of the best light vehicles from Chap Mei for military collectors. Not too big nor too small, the right stuff.

With the right look.

And of course, a helipad must have an helicopter. And what better bird to put on top than CM´s last creation from Serie VII, Sand Wasp?

On top of it all (under, actually), a 55cmx82cm (22"x32") plastic play carpet.

Didn´t take too long for CM and TRU to realise the importance of a diorama... 

Status: Look for available original Chap Mei figures, vehicles and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Mark

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