Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dino Valley 3 dinosaur playset : Jungle Wasp

 Back to Chap Mei and their 2009 line of Dino Valley 3. There has been quite a lot of "Little Bird" repaints through the years, but this "DV3" one is very cool! 

I´m not sure if any helicopter of the sort could carry a T-Rex, even a "small" one, BUT, we´ll play along! Always!!! Just keep them coming, CM!

Dino Valley 3 Jungle Wasp set, MIB 2009.

I just love this helicopter camo. Great for winter operations... and rescuing dinosaurs, of course!

Included accessories.

Included dinosaur: T-Rex. For more details, check Dino Valley 3 dinosaur playset : T-Rex

Figure: Dino Valley 3 "Wildboar Max". 

Jungle Wasp. A repaint of Ninja Helicopter, to name one of the originals (with floaters). This is the exact same mold used to create the light helicopter by TRU and their True Heroes line.

Rescued! Good thing T-Rex never grew wings...

Status: Check for vehicles animals and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


  1. Thanks so much for covering these toys. I never in my life ever wanted to collect them until I read your blog. I see they are very good for the 3 inch line of figures etc. like GI Joe, MU, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars. I wonder if I can still find them in 2012 though.

  2. @HobGoblin, send me a list of what you´re looking for and we´ll what we can still find.
    @jboypacman, this T-Rex is a beauty!


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