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Action Man ATOM Dragbike 5000

Monday, May 21, 2012

Gear it up! 12" Axel comes with a smooth, fast and armed dragbike!

Amazing-looking pair of wheels with all the simplicity of a futuristic bike!

Included figure: "Axel", 12" A.T.O.M. series. Marked 2006 (Hasbro), this line was out in 2008.

Dragbike 5000. Filled with cool "sponsor" markings, runs smoothly and looks agressive. What more do you want from a bike?

Ok, maybe you want a little twist, and here it is. Press down the blue button and dragster transforms into an attack motorcycle with 3 missiles!

And of course, fired by real working spring-loaded cannons.

Beautiful built-in helmet.

Seat down Axel, down goes the helmet, lower the mighty machine...

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Check your gauges...

And off you go!

Status: Available for trade


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