Saturday, March 3, 2012

Indiana Jones Colonel Vogel

One of my personal favorite figures from "The Last Crusade", even though most (if not all) are luxury goods I don´t mind having. At all!

"This German-Army Colonel acted as commander in charge of his country´s efforts to posses the Grail, backed by the historical knowledge of Dr.Elsa Schneider and the funding of the american multi-millionaire Walter Donovan, Vogel´s shrewd mind and merciless heart landed Indiana Jones and his father in constant peril."

MOC 2008, Hasbro.

Figure: "Colonel Vogel". Fine Crafted figure with a working/ functional holster! Now there´s a rare thing in this line.

Included accessories: Baton and "Parabellum" Luger P08.

Hidden Relic: Axe of Leif Erikson, the Norse explorer.

Filled with delicious details, fails as a Nazi, which the character was. All the details were crafted into the mold, but left aside when painting schemes arrived.

Hasbro left the term entirely and referred his side as "Germans".

Status: Available for trade



  1. Extremely sharp looking this one is.

  2. Very. Too bad about the absence of the nazi symbols. It´s history and was in the movie, what would be the problem?

  3. This guy would fit right into the G.I. Joe action figure line.Awesome looking figure!

  4. Indeed. However, I´ll be posting an even better fig for that purpose, Dovchenko!


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