Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Madelman 2050 Lagard

Last time we met Zan, C.O.T.A. men commander, now it´s Zarkon´s invasion force commander, Lagard!

MOC 1988,Exin

Released by the end of 1988, Madelman 2050 figures by Exin took advantage of the popularity wave of G.I.Joe. However, the original magnetic concept and "war of the worlds" background are factors that completely set this collection apart from any knockoff labelling.

A lizzard-like humanoid race, Zarkons send an invasion force to Earth, the chosen planet to replace their dying world, Zarkon. To lead the attack, Lagard.

Figure: "Lagard". Commander, Zarkon´s planet 1st Invasion Unit.

Included accessories.

Weapon can be attached to backpack!

Zarkons most feared weapon: The ability to change appearance and look like humans. When a C.O.T.A. soldier faces him up close, his identity is revealed. However, if the hero turns his back on a Zarkon, its face will change back to human form!

Status: Unavailable


  1. These guys are amazing!Where can i find these?

  2. Thank you for showing these! I just love them and they will be in the back of my mind and someday i just might find a few for my collection.

  3. @actionfig: They´re usually hard to find, but try eBay. @jboypacman: No problem, my pleasure... and more to come :) And when u find any Madelman2050, try to add them to your collection, they´re really good.


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