Friday, March 16, 2012

Masters of the Universe Ram Man

 The Heroic Warriors character was one of the most curious "experimental" figures of the original line. With ability to ram objects, gates and groups of villains as a "Heroic Warrior", as a toy it had the ability to jump half an inch. The 2002 version kept the overall spirit but of course, enhanced it.

In his revisited 2002 version,  Four Horsemen Studios recreated the big and stuffed look of the funny character but gave it a more brute look which goes a lot more with the 2002 cartoon vision.

MOC 2002, Mattel.

Figure: "Ram Man". The only thing that is probably missing in this new look is the removable helmet, since Ram Man had a few TV moments that way. Other than that, a fine work as always.

Included accessory: Smashing Axe.

Fits on its back with a nice armor detail.

Just like the vintage figure, push it down and Ram Man will click and be ready to jump.

A very well placed button will activate the spring.

And this would be the way Ram Man would help the Masters in their moments of obstacle trouble. It may very well work with the toy if you´re up to the challenge of throwing your figure around... but don´t try this at home...

Back to "reality", while the 1983 figure was cut from a hollow plastic and totally limited when compared to most of the other MOTU originals, this 2002 figure had a few more articulation points such as neck, waist and wrists. Like I said before, it had a brute look and in many ways its appearance reflected the mix between the original mini comic bio and Filmation´s version for this character. A strong comic relief.

And I loved the (kept) buckle detail... !

Status: Available for trade



  1. Very nice! And am amazed that he hasn't been redone for the Classics line.

  2. Maybe they haven´t figured out yet how to make a new yet simple figure of Ram Man :)

  3. I really want to pick up some more figs from this line,just haven't been able to shake the 3 3/4 figure fever LOL!

  4. @actionfig: ain´t that the truth!


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