Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Robotix 1997 Robo-Dog

Other than "Robot Commander" and up until the "crazy colors period", this was the most complete and biggest set from "Robotix".

Featuring a radio-controlled device and 4 engines, this set had "juice" for a lot of fun.

Included parts view. One thing should be said about those red-colored parts. They are VERY fragile. Also, if your motorized sets are packed and kept away for some time, I found its very easy for them to "rust". Meaning, you´ll need to give the engine a push-start and then it´s ok from there. Not very strange.

Radio control unit. In this case, 27 Mhz. I´m not sure if there was any other frequency.

Robo-Dog fully assembled.

All 4 views.

Detail shots. Observe the 2 ways of assembling the front paws (wheels). Pictured right, the original, pictured left, the "tight turning" version.

More details. This thing is really big.

Another possible assembly.

Details on the towing hook.

Cockpit views and scale shots with G.I.Joe figure.

Another possibility.

Scale shot.

With "Robotix" you have one thing guaranteed: Space feeling.

This one is very cool: "Probe Launcher". Fully motorized.

Some more scale shots to confirm and compare the sheer size of this set.

Status: Unavailable

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