Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jonny Quest Action Figures

Another fine example on the quantity and quality of the action figure "golden age" (for the 80s children at least), are the Jonny Quest figures. A Galoob release, in Western Europe, "Famosa" took care of the JQ merchandise "expenses".

3 1/2" scaled, they were good enough to be next to the G.I.Joe RAH line. And let´s not forget the G.I.Joe 2001 N.L.C. and 2002 Cobra Mantis Sub came directly from the JQ vehicle line.

The 8 original 2-packs. Numbered (JQ) 1 to 8. Here presented, the european spanish carded versions.

JQ1 - Silent Storm Jessie & Night Stryker Jonny Quest ; JQ2 - Desert Stealth Hadji & X-Treme Action Jonny Quest ; JQ3 - Shuttle Pilot Jonny Quest & Drop Zone Race ; JQ4 - Safari Stryker Hadji & Deep Sea Race

JQ5 - Jungle Commando Dr. Quest & Evil Ezekial Rage ; JQ6 - Biathlete Jessie & Wild Blaze Race ; JQ7 - Wild Wrangler Jonny Quest & Biohazard Hadji ; JQ8 - Motocross Hadji & Island Storm Race

Pictured on the dark blue zone, you can observe the original molds for the above referenced GIJoe 2001 and 2002 vehicles. The originals were called "Quest Wave Ranger" (Mantis Sub) and "Quest Porpoise" (N.L.C.).

Status: Unavailable

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