Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Police vs Bad Guyz Attack & Escape Playset

Lately forgotten, due to lots of recent great vehicle creations by "Chap Mei", the monster truck from Police Force Vs Bad Guyz was one of the most sought after items for a while. "Bad Guyz" figures were hits and their vehicles showed to the world (yet again) CM meant business. "Big Jaws" was one of the greatest, and still is.

A complete set with lots of parts. The bad guyz clearly with the upper hand, even down 2 to 1 in this set.

The "Wild Quest" later inherited the monster truck basic mold, although equipped with a net launcher instead of the guns and a different front grill.

Included items view.

Included accessories.

Figures: "Sergeant Thomas" (refer to "SWAT police Humvee" for more details) ; "Officer Petersen" (review coming soon) ; "Snaky Drake" (review coming soon) and "Foul Play Nick" (refer to "Bad Guyz Attack Machine Playset Motor Whike" for more details).

To our knowledge, the only set including the "Rottweiler". A nice complement for a "Mutt" custom, who knows...

The quad. Refer to "Peace Force Steel Badger Playset" for more details, although this "Police Force" one has no sound effects.

"Chaser" helicopter. Refer to "Police Force Patrol Vehicle Playset - Chaser" for more details on this vehicle.

"Big Jaws" monster truck.

Side views. Menacing enough, a great machine for the "Dreadnoks" or for post-apocalyptic enthusiasts out there.

Some detail shots. Considering this was part of 2 to 3rd generation Chap Mei lines, this was (and still is) one of their best.

Car cabin and exhaust detailing. Very good indeed.

The guns. One of the most asked questions for people owning a set such as this (from customizers mostly) was : "They come off?". The answer is pictured. Although it wasn´t easy. The scale is alright, not perfect, since the feet electrical controls for the turret movement are too far away for the figure to fit.

Scale shots. As perfect as can be.

Some different angles. If you observe closely, the bottom of the vehicle has a battery compartment. In this "Bad Guyz" version, it has not use.

"Snaky Drake" grasping the handle.

Status: Unavailable


  1. Luís Galileu G. TonelliDecember 31, 2009 at 1:55 AM

    Sorry for that long hiatus, I had internet issues, but I'm back and can see you did great work selecting topics.

  2. Hey there, Luís! Yeah, you´ve been missed, and you HAVE missed a lot of stuff! Take a look around and check the latest entries. I´m sure you´ll have some things to say. There´s a lot of CM sets to use in your worlds there!

  3. amazing

    ive found them

    i got two of the bad guys

    because the cops suck IMAO

    they should do more toys like this..

    "the vandals vs the cops"

  4. quero comprar este kit police vs bad guiz

  5. quero comprar police vs bad guiz que custa 46´dolares mande o boleto


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