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Jungle Adventure Wild Jungle Playset - Hefty Nicky

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another "Wild Jungle" playset... and yet, a great figure included in this one. "Hefty Nicky".

Usually, one can say about these sets... "well, some accessories, a couple of animals and a figure. not bad". Actually, this one is definitely and really: "FIGURE plus whatever else".

Fresh out of the box and you may eventually start to understand where I was going with the above statement.

Included items for this set.

The vulture. Big one. High detail, a bit flamingo-looking head.

The Alligator. A small guy, but great detail and considering IF Chap Mei goes big or small, this one is a whole lot better like this than, for instance, the crocodile set from this line.

Accessories. Flashlight and whip already seen in previous lines. The rifle is a new one!

And the big moment: presenting "Hefty Nicky".

Looking at all the details, it´s with a great sense of hope that I ascertain Chap Mei has bent another corner of evolution. This figure has to be one of their very best. The Lion´s head jacket, the holster (with a new connecting system) and even spores on the guy´s boots...

Fine looking figure. If the hands were a bit smaller, this individual was near perfect. If it´s not already, all things considered.

Scale shots. Possibilities increase by the year. Go Chap Mei, go!

Status: Unavailable

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