Saturday, December 26, 2009

H.E.R.O.E.S. Giant Combo Play Set - Part 1 -

Considering the time of the year, where peace, friendship and understanding should be above all else, we chose to get a look at a firefighters playset. "In peace, firemen. If invaded, soldiers."

Picking up an old post, and starting its "decent" review, we present a(the) GIANT Combo play set from the "H.E.R.O.E.S." line. Another "Auchan" retailer item, which (although made in china) grants some quality to the toy´s components.

This is, indeed, a giant playset. In fact, due to some particularities, we´ll split this review in 2 posts. Today, accessories and figures, tomorrow the vehicles.

Included accessories. The reason we need to divide this entry in 2. A very nice surprise. Maybe not if you plan to give this to your kids, (they´re fairly fragile) but as a collector/diorama builder, you´ll find a lot of goodies in this one.

Starting by showing the scrap parts. Nevertheless, that stretcher may serve some purpose.

Treasure N#1: Cases. Very M.A.R.S. looking and the handles fit Joe hands perfectly.

Chains and industrial hook. Great for a diorama, showing some good detail attention and strong enough if forced. The scale is great too.

Water cannons, netting (chap mei knockoff), consoles (chap mei -inspired- and actually better, since it folds like a laptop).

Treasure N#2: The mini laptop with cable to generator. You gotta love this.

Tools, helmets and power tools. Although noticeably chap mei "inspired", the designers (thankfully) lowered the scaled, hence making these usable.

Figures. One of the low points. However, the fact they again lowered these figures scale (if indeed Chap Mei was their inspiration - as if there is a doubt - ) to 3 3/4" earned them some points for trying. The dog can be used, as the figures themselves perhaps... for diorama (crowd) purposes.

To be continued...

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  1. Where did you find this? I'd love to get a set like this, but can't find in anywhere online.

  2. Hi there Rick!

    This set was found in a french retailer sale during a holiday season sale. We´ve been trying to find more online to post links here too. Like you said, it´s nowhere to be found... so far.


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