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Xmas time, Pt II

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well, ladies and gents, before returning to our previous reviewing affairs, and starting in style with some of the new acquisitions, we leave you the pictures taken today along with the list of our new stuff to be reviewed soon.

So, and so far, here´s what we got from these wonderful retailers:

Soldier Force VI - Peace Force (white cammo) :

Steel Badger Playset;
Helicopter Playset (Cobra);
Storm Vehicle Playset (small chopper);
Paratrooper w/ working chute;

Dino Valley III

Longrope Playset

Jungle Adventure

Jungle Trekker Playset;
Wild Jungle Playset (Komodo Dragon)

Note: If you guys have any preference on any upcoming review over these sets, let us know.

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