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Robotix 1997 Volcanic Crawler

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Modeled after NASA´s Dante", this set also comes with some other building options, although none action figure-destined.

This arachnid-looking fellow was inspired by the robot which attempted to explore Mt. Erebus in Antarctica and Active Alaskan Volcano back in 1993.

Parts included.

This particular set had a bonus. Upgraded in the form of a new remote control instead of the 2-button pictured in the instructions booklet.

This was the base vehicle over which all vehicle options were built.

The remote is a big one. Needs 4 LR14 batteries to function.

This was the original remote included in this set.

The "Volcanic Crawler". Walks forward and backward. And considering the 6 "independent" legs (3 pairs would be more accurate), it can "crawl" over most obstacle. Videos coming soon.

"Robo Crab". With a strange movement like it was walking on its toes, it´s another fine example of how Robotix sets can defy gravity.

"Scorpion". Looking and moving as the actual arthropod, just too bad that the stinger doesn´t move.

"Mars Excavator". The only (apparently) scaled vehicle to (eventually) hold figures. And again "Mars".

Status: Unavailable

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