Saturday, November 21, 2009

Robotix 1995 set 3000

Another set from the Chicago-based company, this big set´s main novelties were the command centre module, the rail and light system.

A very big and heavy box, filled with space-station ambiance.

View of all included parts. Not pictured, the label sheet and spare-parts catalog.

Top line: The main building options for this set. Bottom: The alternate.

Besides the pictured light component, this set also included a "T" shaped connection for the wires. This would save a spot for the switch command. Basically, 3 engines controlled by 2 buttons.

The first vehicle building option, the "Duck Scout". For the action figure (Space Commander) review, please refer to "Robotix 1997 Laser Scanner".

A very big vehicle, his motion can be more accurately perceptible through a soon coming video. Moves its "head" left and right and also the back legs move in a linear cross-over method.

"Star Base Launch Bay". The rail provides the Command Centre a forward/backwards movement. The realistic sound this kind of engine produces, resembles "Aliens" cargo lifter.

Scale shots with a G.I.Joe RAH figure. Observe the feet pins, they fit perfectly. These "Robotix" parts make a great custom space-station for Cobra... or who knows... a place to dock the "Defiant" and "Crusader" shuttles. Not to mention S.T.A.R. Brigade...

"Mars Transporter". It´s the mid-90s... Mars popularity still there. And it´s not the chocolate nor Destro´s industries.

And the gem. I find this little part somewhat great. Not too fancy, not too much of a "brute". Simple and useful.

Status: Unavailable

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