Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adventure Heroes Giant Crawler Playset - Cobra - UPDATED!

Another retired 2007 set, King Tutenskull here present with a giant Cobra snake.

This was for many, one of the best sets ever distributed. The over-sized cobra not only works alone, but stands as the best "Golobulus" custom possibility ever.

MIB, Chap Mei, 2007.

Included accessories. Most staffs came bent. No worries, just get some really hot water, dip, straight and put in the freezer for a while.

Giant creature - the King Cobra.

Amazing (giant) animal for your 1:18 scale... or whatever purpose you may find.    

Figure: King Tutenskull.

The legs don´t move, but since this was basically a figure to change form with the snake, it´s understandable, but from the action figure articulation point of view, this is probably one of the weakest Chap Mei examples. The sculpting is very good, on the positive side. Removable king´s "clothing" accessory.

Set can be split into 4 pieces. Interchangeable.

Pressing the snake´s nape, the jaw will move up.

King Tutenskull in a Mortal Kombat style!

Uh... no.

Cobra´s head is very similar to the original CM Cobra from Wild Quest, but scultping on a more fantasy level is superior. 

Status: Unavailable


  1. Golobulus, right! Absolutely! With the right painting, it will certainly look like him.

  2. Here's my Golobulus using that snake...


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